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English true story from the embassy

Posted by on 28/04/2011

Максим Шпиль

Well, it’s time me to tell you my work and travel story…
I arrived to the embassy at 9-20 (28/04/2011). The weather was fine, I mean not too cold and not too hot, the sun was shining brightly etc. When I arrived, there were a lot of people, definitely more then 100, for 30 minutes I was hopelessly trying to find Irina, and at 9-55 I heard someone said “Study UA” and that was Irina, just in time. She gave us DS-2019 and other required documents and then we started waiting our turn. After 1 hour of waiting we went to the entrance of embassy, security guy gave us green cards to be able to enter the embassy. When we entered the first building, guards took away our devises, keys etc. Then we went to the second building, where we were given numbers, fingerprinted (I’m not sure if it’s right, I mean grammar) and we were directed to the pavilion. My number was 224. After 20 or 30 minutes a tall guy called students with numbers 220-230, and we came back to the second building. I took a seat and started waiting for my turn and staring at the indicator board. Number 221 was on that board for 4-5 minutes and then in a few seconds it was already 224. That’s it, I thought and started moving to my window 4. My dialog:
O: – Hi, how are you?
I: – Hi, I’m fine’n’you?
O: – (I didn’t hear what he answered).
O: – Where are you from?
I: – I’m from Kyiv.
O: – Were you born in Kyiv?
I: – Yes, I was.
O: – What neighborhood are you live in? Do you know what neighborhood means.
I: – Yes, I know, I live in Solomianka.
O: – Oh, I know where the Solomianka is. Where do you study? (exploring my Student Card)
I: – I study at KPI, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Кей-Пи-Ай.
O: – We don’t call it Кей-Пи-Ай we call it Ка-Пэ-И. (threw away my student ID card, and I thought “that’s it, I’m gonna be refused”)
I: – Ok.
O: – What major/department?
I: – Chemical engineering department and my major is resource saving.
O: – What year are you in (or on)?
I: – I’m in my fifth year of sixth years of study.
O: – Fifth year… huh… What are you gonna do after being graduated?
I: – I’m gonna be a scientist.
O: – So you wanna be a kandidat nauk?
I: – Exactly.
O: – What are you gonna do in the US? (printing something)
I: – I will be a kitchen worker, I’ll help to prepare food.
O: – Do you like cooking?
I: – Yes I do.
O: – What is your favorite food?
I: – Sushi. But I don’t know how to prepare ‘em.
O: – Oh… it’s very easy…
I: – I hope one day I’ll be able to prepare sushi by myself
O: – Do you know something about your rights in the US?
I: – Of course I do, I’ve read a pamphlet and I have the same rights as the US citizens have… (tearing off a green piece of paper)
O: – Ok, ok, stop… You’re totally qualified for this program, have a nice summer, bye.
I: – Thank you, have a nice day.
O: – You too.
I managed in 60 seconds. During the work and travel interview I wasn’t smiling but I looked happy. It was like the easiest interview ever. I was interviewed by a man with a ginger beard.
Sorry for my poor English. Good luck!

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